2. Business Promotion Services

Sekino Consulting‘s business promotion services are primarily dedicated to global corporations. We suggest a global company send a business mission to Japan, which is usually a week’s stay. During the week’s stay, the mission visits about five or so companies to persuade the Japanese firms to establish business tie-ups. We DO NOT guarantee the success of such negotiations, but guarantee the number of meetings. In a week’s visit, five or six meetings are appropriate. If negotiations are successful and the global corporations need a Japan portal, we are happy to assume the role.

Our standard rates for such activities are ¥10,000/hour. Accompanying business missions while they are in Japan is for ¥50,ooo/day regardless of actual hours taken. Telephone calls, transportation fees, and fees for other necessities will be separately billed.

Here are five steps we propose.

1. We identify potential targets on behalf of a global firm. The number of targets is usually 10 or so times more than the number of visits to be made.  In other words, if a global firm wishes to visit five corporations during a week’s stay in Japan, the total number of targets should be 50, which will be all listed in our Marketing Database.

2. Our Marketing Database will include, target company name, URL, address, telephone number, company size, name of contacted person, his or her email address, impression of initial contacts, meeting date, among other conditions.

3. If necessary, we will recommend a hotel and make a travel arrangement for a global firm that will make the business trip to Japan. We will also be able to pick up the business delegate at an airport, and escort it to its hotel. We will also escort the delegate to the airport when it leaves Japan.

4. We will accompany the delegate to the meeting with a target company and offer language interpreting services (English and Japanese).

5. If so wished, we are happy to work as a Japan portal for a global corporation, which is a helpful option because many Japanese corporations will be comfortable to know that there is a Japanese company that represents the global firm.


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