5. English Education Services

Sekino Consulting is a specialist of English education. With its 30-plus years of engagement in English education, the institute has educated nearly 2,000 Japanese people. Some people have studied with us to find an employment where English skills are essential to perform professional duties. Graduates are now working in the fields of language interpreting, international banking, and international tourism to name a few.

Serious education is the pride of Sekino Consulting, which expects reciprocity from students. Students will learn that serious learning can be fun and  a condition to become independent business-persons with confident mindsets.

The firm also offers cross-cultural workshops for both Japanese and global business-people. To Japanese adults, it will focuses on the training of assertiveness and teach them how to communicate in clear and confident manners. To global business-people from the world, the firm will offer cross-cultural workshops, so they know how to work with their Japanese counterparts.


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