4. Litigation Assistance Services

Sekino Consulting is not a law office and does not claim to provide any legal authority for court representation but is allowed to give language assistance services for legal needs. We can guide you on how to sue, who to contact, the cost, where to access the Japanese legal system and what to expect from it.

Through excellent knowledge of Japan’s litigation system, client’s cases are transcribed into court ready documents in Japanese. Our expertise also includes securing the services of pro bono lawyers to determine if litigation is necessary. These free-service lawyers provide clients with court representation. We also arrange the initial meeting between client and lawyer and provides interpretation (Japanese – English). In most cases, the 25-minute meeting limit will provide sufficient time to determine if pursuing litigation is viable.


1. Please provide us with your name, phone number and the best time to call at 047-358-5032 or email n.sekino@silk.ocn.ne.jp. Mr. Nicky Sekino will call back to discuss the situation. This consultation is free.

2. Based on the telephone conversation, clients can decide whether to hire us. Fees are charged starting with a meeting at our office or an agreed on location. During the meeting client’s cases are transcribed.

3. We secure a pro bono attorney who works in the client’s neighborhood unless one has already been arranged.

4. Mr. Sekino accompanies client to the attorney’s 25-minute consultation and provides interpretation service. This marks the end of our initial services with the cost of ¥5,000.

5. Any business occurring after the consultation, where clients need further language interpretation or documentation preparation, can be arranged at the cost of ¥10,000 an hour. In this event, telephone and transportation expenses are billed separately.


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